What sets Delta-9 Technologies apart from the industry?

Biomass Sourcing and Profitability Matrix


Biomass can easily be a production labs largest expense. It is important to get accurate estimates into the business pro forma and there are many variables to consider. For example, does the...

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Hemp vs. Cannabis extraction - what you need to know about the advances in the industry


Hemp vs. Cannabis is a bit of a misnomer mainly because hemp and cannabis both belong to the same species, Cannabis sativa. In fact, the only distinction between the two is the level of THC in...

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How much space do You need for a Delta-9 Technologies LPG Extraction system?

Delta-9 Technologies extraction systems are designed with the operator in mind. One key distinction between other equipment manufacturers and ourselves is that we are also operators. Dr. Joshua...

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Optimizing Your Extraction: molecular sieve

Delta-9 Technologies gas tanks are designed to hold 50 lbs of propane comfortably at 80% capacity. Over time this liquified petroleum gas (LPG) solvent can pick up moisture and decrease the...
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5 Tips for writing SOPs and Building a Quality Program

The legalization of cannabis has brought with it quality standards and strict regulations. Diligently documenting the processes used in your operation is can be difficult but ensures that...
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How much liquified petroleum gas (LPG) can you keep on site?

Compliance in the cannabis industry can in of itself be complicated. Extracting cannabis with butane or other LPGs adds another layer of complexity that generally requires consultants and experts...
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